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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Past of Memories.


Heartbeat, Feelings, and Memories. Let it be and go away the negatives! I hate you. I tried to be strong. I hold my hands and face all the challenges. Hard or not. Trying. Pretend to be like I am a super power lady who can stand with all the painfulness. Hmm. So, been like 1 or 2 weeks i don't really updating the blog isn't it? Quite stress with working partners, and life. Hence, 1 year, without boyfriend. Broke up 2 years ago. And been single all the time. It's not like I am a fussy girl. But the guy who doesn't know how to treats me nicely. He just left me when I'm not well. I wait for 10 months, and he don't appeared himself. I decided to make a move by my own self. Is it possible for me to do that? Why should be wait for the person who don't even care about me? :/ Hmmm. Thinking.

Well, it's January! My birthday is coming soon. 7 DAYS more! I am 20! Yay. Feels like something changed. Being 20 doesn't mean I am too old. It is just a number. And tells you that how many years have you been alive in this world. LOL! Remember, the more you survive, the more harder the challenges :) I wonder how if i get married at this age? :P Hopefully! HA HA HA

Just ignored all the past memories. Love, Friends, Environments. The things that you feel like so ANNOY you. Then, leave it and start the new life! Okay? Here's a photo of me on January! :D

location: McD Kota Damansara

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