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Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 2012! :)

Bismillah, hello hello!

Lama nya aku menghilangkan diri. Lama dah tak update blog ni. Biasa lah, sibuk dengan kerja. Well, I have so much thing need to tell, but before that, I just wanna tell you that now is 12:42AM, and  I have class tomorrow at 9AM. Ahh, nevermind. I am such an alien. No sleep, still okay for me. I have INSOMNIA. hehe, do believe it? Okay, firstly, i am sorry for being lately updating my blog. Busy with working and class. No time to talk with friends and anybody. Oh ya, if you guys have tumblr, do please follow me up, thanks :) Thanks a lot. Okay, I've been busy with my job since my friend's loan already check in.

I work here! xoxo.
Krispy Kreme :)

Yeah, that's my working place. Should I tell you guys where's the location or you wanna find out by your ownsselves. hehe. Perhaps, if you're there, I could give you one free doughnut, so what's up? Want it? Hihi. Anything, please follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. Or if you have Blackberry, just send it your bbpin thru my twitter account or Facebook. Aite? ;) Besides, I like to take photos. Such as landscape and weathers. Yeah! I do love camera! Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Olympus, nor Phone Camera, that's okay for me. It's okay for me!

The drawing of mine.
Bowl full of Apples! :) Sweet.
My drawing :)

Arabic Calligraphy :)
The Arabic Calligraphy :)

This stuffs are so expensive! -.-
Beats, the headphone! :)

Iced-blended, milk, syrup, nuts, jelly and sugar <3 Delicious! Yummy.
ABC! <3

That's my collection of Random picture. Well, so cool isn't it? I should take more! I guess... Hihihi! But I can't :( I am too busy with my Krispy Kreme's job. Ahh, nevermind. I would like to, if I am free. Okay? By the way, I have to go. Talk with you again soon, promise! :D Night!