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the sibs (;

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

They went to Hajj for a Month


I do miss them. A lot. They went for a month. And coming back on this November soon, InsyaAllah. Rindu mak, abah, adik, mak uda, pak uda, mak andak :) Semoga Allah bersama mereka dan mendoakan sy disini. Hihi. Tak sabar nak tunggu mak, abah dengan adik balik. Waiting for them is just makes my heart pain. Can't wait to meet them again! 

Sepanjang mereka tak ada kat Malaysia ni. I have to cleaned up all the room and house. Although, I have to take care of these two fatty cats. Neo and K-Todd. Then, have to take care of the cars. Ofcourse, The beloved Aveo and Carens. All the things that close to me has their own names and labels. LOL! Much easier to get close to them even 'they' can't really talk. Hoyeah! Well, my mom asked me to cares about my grandpa too. He's in the hospital, at CCU Kpj Damansara Specialist. Hope my grandpa get well soon! InsyaAllah ^^. 

Since they aren't in Malaysia, I makes my own activities. Well, firstly, i cleaned up all the beds and everything, including BUANG TAHI KUCING. Hahaha. I MUST and HAVE. In fact, i went for shopping with my cousins, i do! Why? Then, what's the point if i just cleaned up the house for 1 month? Of course NOT! So, i take my own time to walk and shopping with my cousins :) Najidah. Thanks Najidah! For make-up me on that time. I've looked so gorgeous, cewahh!

just for once in life guys! :)

Plus, I have to cooked by my own self. I think it is delicious i guess. Lol.


Hehe, well. Much fun sometimes. But Family is more better than being alone all the time~ That sucks. Anyway, jumpa lagi dalam entry seterusnya :D Thanks for reading. Kalau ada sesiapa yg tak berpuas hati tu, Nina minta maaf ya. Doa kan yang baik-baik untuk Nina, Nina pun doa kan semua kawan-kawan Nina dekat dunia ni. InsyaAllah, Nobody perfect, but we can try to be one of them.



May Allah always with him. Pray for my Grandpa please :(