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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

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Still alive? Alhamdulillah How was your New Year celebration? Is it good or not? Haha. Who? Me? Hmm. I  was so excited by the way. Celebrate the new year with new friends, partners and people around the world. Since I'm working in Starbucks, a lot of experiences I knew. How to be more alert in work, punctual, and all. And, best gila! So, dah 2013. Apa azam anda? First question that people will asked you, and I was like fucking bored with that question. Cause, i don't seems like more perfect than others tho. Oh ya, wanna see some of my pictures and the celebration in Starbucks yesterday? We're closed at 3A.M. Luckily, i went back early. Muahahaha!

keymie, iqmal, nizam, haqim, kak fatin, shikin and kak lily <3

Hardcore Partners in Starbucks Ikano Power Centre!!!


Extremely, fucking, awesome PICTURES! :) More? Please join us at STARBUCKS IKANO POWER CENTRE to be more Hardcore like us! wakaka HAPPY NEW YEAR.