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Monday, October 17, 2011

Pitty Boom.


hehe. Well, GOOD MIDNIGHT :) im here, again. Ofcourse! This is my blog, so i can write whatever i want. No excuses and No limited! My fingers could write whatever i like. Ok? No more negative talk. From now on, im gonna tell you guys about life and our personal friendship's life. Understand? Me, myself would be bored if someone keep telling me that we need a lot of friends. Erhh! For me, i just wanna stand by myself and do everythings by myself. I don't give a damn at what people wanna say about me. And plus, i don't really cares about people anymore. Haha! I thought this because i'm also facing the same thing on what ived wrote it. So, Its little bit dumbfound when 'they' pulled me out from their group. Wait! You guys really understand on what topic that i'ved thought. I'm talking about Friendship. Ok? I hate it when someone be my friend, just because of my money, and although just because that i'm very kind and always be at their side. Ok? I HATE IT! Sick of it, and very tired when someone asking me like this:

"Are you really sincerely to friends with me?"

Durhh? If i'm not sincerely and honestly person, i could just KILL my friends, and just take their money and use them! USELESS! haha. Please think twice. And to be honest, i really hates when Someone betray me and talking bad about me. Huu, but i can't stop the case, unless HE knows the best. Right? And thanks to my house-mates, kak azreen. Who knows abou physiology, ahaha! Plus, she although can know me well, insyaAllah. One day. Ok? Peace. For today, i keep walking alone, went to the park, and sec 7 with motorcycle. After shalat Asr,reading al-quran for two pages, then went out. Try to find myself back. Who am I? What kind of friends do you like to friends there? And me and kak azreen had a same character, who do likes to friends with international peoples. Yeay, its beacuse, i do love it, they way they think, the way they talk, super-duper power of FAST-SPEECH.

UNDERSTAND? but my parents keep saying that, please be friends with everyones. But don't make a mistakes with them. Yeah, thats true. Em, ok. Seems like, i have an examination for this week, so, i rather to sleep that chatting with my friends on fabians and tagged :) don't worry, i'll be post it with a new entries more. Ok? Have a good day then. Loveya. :*