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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Still Breathing





Life is changing, same as people too! P/s: Don't you ever judge other people by their style, and personalities.



It's December! Snowy and winter. And I stopped working in Nando's and joined the Starbucks Cafe :) New life! It's my life. I choose it. And the conclusion is, I will open up my own cafe when I work for another two or three months. I need to get the certificates too! Well, december. You look so happy in this life and among the others. Well, seems like I couldn't sleep and I had an insomnia, i feel free to update my blog by let it out all my feelings. Haha.

Okay lah, mesti ada yang tak faham nanti kalau tulis dalam bahasa inggeris. Wahai disember, cepat nya kau muncul. Aku belum bersedia untuk hadapi ujian tahun hadapan dengan umur yang semakin meningkat. Ahh. Must be strong by the way. Bila dah tukar kerja, macam-macam benda berlaku. Tapi, Alhamdulillah, pegangan agama masih kuat. Iman selalu digoda. Nauzubillah! Tak nak jadi macam dulu lagi :( Sepanjang bulan 12 ni, takda benda lagi nak cerita. Sebab baru 5 hari kerja kat starbucks. Kerja okay, cuma banyak cabaran bila kerja dgn orang yang perangai pelik-pelik :) sabar je la.

Yang penting, kena tabah, sabar dan senyum! :D

the starbucks logo :)

The first day of working in Starbucks :)




Everything changed has its own reasons. And I have to be strong in any challenges. I'm growth. Soon gonna be 20 years old. Ahh, sorry for not updating the blog by the way. Some kind of busy with Barista's job. Fun and tired. Meet new friends. New experiences. And being more matured by finding a new guy to be the one in my heart. (Belum jumpa lagi) hehe. Indeed, I am so fucking happy and a bit depressed about this one guy. I couldn't mention his name here. It's public! :D Nevermind, hoping that I could find a better than that! teehee.