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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Full of tears.


Its 1:59PM, and my mood is really down at this moment, so i'ved started to write whatever i feel it. Okay. My tears, is absolutely here. Now. This time, i'm not being happiness anymore. Full of tears is what i'ved been suffered by many years since i'm 6years old. Firstly, sorry if i do hurts you guys there. I'm not being Hypocrite but this how am i to be. My heart is touchable with all kind of sensitive though. Tho, when someone talking to me about Love nor Friendship. For me, i don't feel like myself is getting better for 2011, for now. For today. Arghh! Stressed out with HIM, with friends, and alls. Its hurts me so. Not a little, but too much! Ouch. What am i suppose to do with my heart? Operate it and burn it! I'm going to do it, one day. Or die in front of that guy and his family. I lose myself. I lost everythings. Friends, and my happiness. Its been far away, and how am i going to pull it back? Kill myself? Oh no! That is more simplest i guess.

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 I dont know what actually happened in my life right now! Oh Allah, please. :( I wanna cry at you. I wanna be the first one for you. Everythings just FOR YOU, Allah :( Sakit nya rasa bila hidup jadi tak tentu arah. And alotsa of problems came to me. Such as mysterious guy came to me and say that he loved me a long time ago/ Hell! I don't even know him before. Urghh, sucks. May Allah guide me to the right path. So long friends, i can't write it too much, cause i'm scared if i cry infront of my netbook here. Take care and always be strong, not to be like me.