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Friday, January 11, 2013

Serious Talk.


The random pictures about me and myself.

Well, i don't even talk much with those who always teasing me by actions and speech. I hate the way they are. Talking about teasing, and kinda jokes. I do hate that those fucking words! I've been teasing by one of this Barista. And i couldn't mention HIS name. Let it be. And seriously, he such an sarcastically person. Do you like it? Hmm. Crap!

Okay, the post for tonight, it's not about the shit guy. Tonight, ladies night, and Its been awhile for me to update the blog. The diary of my life, in public. The true stories. Having fun in my life at this coming age was hang out with someone who have a lot of money. I don't say that, the person who don't have money, then don't be my friend. I'm talking about the Friendship 'thingii'. Gagaga! I'm talking about the ADVANTAGES! people always take an advantages. Such as money, and alls. But! Whoever, Whatever you do, please make sure. having fun while cares about yourself. I don't hate people. But I do hate someone who always take a chances to get my money, my attentions, and trying to be bitch -.- Hmmm, seriously! :)


I need Allah and I need someone to guide and be my IMAM in future! :(

The Past of Memories.


Heartbeat, Feelings, and Memories. Let it be and go away the negatives! I hate you. I tried to be strong. I hold my hands and face all the challenges. Hard or not. Trying. Pretend to be like I am a super power lady who can stand with all the painfulness. Hmm. So, been like 1 or 2 weeks i don't really updating the blog isn't it? Quite stress with working partners, and life. Hence, 1 year, without boyfriend. Broke up 2 years ago. And been single all the time. It's not like I am a fussy girl. But the guy who doesn't know how to treats me nicely. He just left me when I'm not well. I wait for 10 months, and he don't appeared himself. I decided to make a move by my own self. Is it possible for me to do that? Why should be wait for the person who don't even care about me? :/ Hmmm. Thinking.

Well, it's January! My birthday is coming soon. 7 DAYS more! I am 20! Yay. Feels like something changed. Being 20 doesn't mean I am too old. It is just a number. And tells you that how many years have you been alive in this world. LOL! Remember, the more you survive, the more harder the challenges :) I wonder how if i get married at this age? :P Hopefully! HA HA HA

Just ignored all the past memories. Love, Friends, Environments. The things that you feel like so ANNOY you. Then, leave it and start the new life! Okay? Here's a photo of me on January! :D

location: McD Kota Damansara

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2 0 1 3


Still alive? Alhamdulillah How was your New Year celebration? Is it good or not? Haha. Who? Me? Hmm. I  was so excited by the way. Celebrate the new year with new friends, partners and people around the world. Since I'm working in Starbucks, a lot of experiences I knew. How to be more alert in work, punctual, and all. And, best gila! So, dah 2013. Apa azam anda? First question that people will asked you, and I was like fucking bored with that question. Cause, i don't seems like more perfect than others tho. Oh ya, wanna see some of my pictures and the celebration in Starbucks yesterday? We're closed at 3A.M. Luckily, i went back early. Muahahaha!

keymie, iqmal, nizam, haqim, kak fatin, shikin and kak lily <3

Hardcore Partners in Starbucks Ikano Power Centre!!!


Extremely, fucking, awesome PICTURES! :) More? Please join us at STARBUCKS IKANO POWER CENTRE to be more Hardcore like us! wakaka HAPPY NEW YEAR.