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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Dear November.


Hello Guys! How was everything? Fine? Okay? Or Not too much? :( Okay, whatever it is. I try to say Hello to November, and I just told an October goodbye, see you next year. Hope so. Okay, what's with November? Raining? Yes, It is. But I'm not in my mood for one month I guess. My parents is not at home. Including my beloved brother. They went to Makkah in Saudi Arabia for their Hajj. I'm not joining them. Lol, (Don't ask). And plus, i have to take care of everything. Indeed, my grandpa is in the hospital. So, i have to take the car off and went there like everyday to meet him and tell my mom how was him in that hospital. Oh, it's suffering him i guess. Stayed for too long can make your brain and body turns Black-out. LOL! haha.

Anyway, I have to be strong in every ways. Ahh, penatnya. Even 'he' didn't come back to me, I must and have to be strong. It's a test for us to be matured and more independence. Well, takes time i guess. Expose everything before anything happen, so that we know how to handle it. Yeah! Hope that I could be more attractive when I start to work in Nandos soon. I don't know when they gonna call me for the interview. I have to wait like 1 week and more. Urgh!

BUT the most happily thing is, November always cold! :) Have fun!

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