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Saturday, October 15, 2011



Morning to everyones. Saturday, the boring day that i've ever face it. Hahah! Well, kinda bored at this time. 10:19am. Superduper boringg! The sun is raising up. And everyone in this house is still sleeping. I guess. Lol. I don't care about them, because they don't really cares about me either. So, i prefer to stay up in my room. With my roomates, whose really abit annoying sometimes. Its usually happened right. Once we're like cat and dog, and sometime, we're like a neighbour who always talk to each other. Okay. My entry post for today and this morning. I just wanna tell you guys about my routine since i'm going to finish it my first semester in my college. And going up to the secondly semester. Lol! Assignments and stuffs. Too stress! Wait. Yesterday, i had done my drawing, and my project. Wanna see it?

Tema lukisan: Buah-buahan
Teknik: Cat Acrylic

And my project should be Khat Kufi. Wanna see it? Sure. :) I make it different from another. i HATE copycat. And i love Abstract Drawing. Yeay! This is my honestly thought about drawing, ok? I am an abstract girl, so that i love to see the abstract drawing. Pftt! Now what! talking about drawing and painting? lol. Ok, now you see it my project.

Surah Yaasin.
Abstract Painting for the background.

Done! How was it? It is really okay or little bit messy? Pardon me. Can see my drawing truly from my facebook which at the right of yours. Okay? Heheh. People should give me support tho. Anyway, thanks to those who really supported me and my friends. Thanks again yo!

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